This site isn’t for you, well at least not directly. I’m writing here for a couple of reasons, and they are mostly all selfish. Writing here is a way for me to keep track of my progress as I work towards financial independence. It also gives me a place to store links, resources, services, and tools I find useful along the way. Another reason that I started this site is that I am very passionate about personal finance and simple living and writing here gives me an opportunity to talk about these topics without constantly bombarding friends and family who may not be as interested as I am.

So like I said this site isn’t for you, not that I’m not ecstatic you are here! If this site proves useful to others as well as myself then my goals will have been doubly fulfilled.

Who I am

I’m Canadian in his 20s who recently graduated from post-secondary and works in the tech sector. I’m debt free and intend to stay that way. This blog will cover financial and lifestyle topics I care about with a heavy leaning towards frugal living and index fund investing from a Canadian perspective.