Why I won’t be making an RRSP contribution for 2014

I’m a big fan of RRSP’s as an investment vehicle for Canadians. An RRSP is a fantastic way to decrease your tax bill and grow your investments tax-free, at least until you are ready to withdraw the money. I’m a firm believer that anyone who is paying a marginal tax rate of more than 26% (income greater than $44000 here in Saskatchewan) and has some money that they can safely put somewhere they won’t be able to touch it for awhile should be contributing to an RRSP.

Now after saying all that though, I’m still not going to be claiming an RRSP contribution for 2014. Here’s why..

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Why I hate having extra money in my chequing account

I always try to keep just enough money in my chequing account to cover my next months rent and whatever I currently have owing on my credit cards. If I have any more money then that in my account it drives me crazy. You might be thinking I’m a bit off at this point, why would having too much money in your account ever be a problem? Let me explain.

Treating your dollars like employees

If you haven’t read The Richest Man in Babylon, I highly recommend it, it is a bit dated (published in the 1920s) but the parables still hold today. Many of the parables in the book talk about how you should think about your money as employees who you can put to work and use to make even more money. Whenever I look at money sitting in my chequing account earning 0.05% interest I can’t help but feel indignant about how lazy my employees are being. There is literally no excuse for them not to be working harder and making me more money then they are. I would much rather have them toiling away in the stock market, or at the very least in my high interest savings account at Peoples Trust (currently returning 2.5%). The harder my money is working the happier I am.

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